Sunday, October 07, 2007

I Died Last Night

Last night I died. I was inside an abandoned warehouse on an elevated platform which seemed to be five floors high. It seemed like it was that high. Maybe I was in a hangar? Anyway, with a heavy heart, I jumped off towards the bottom with my chest, ahead of all the other parts of my body, ready to kiss the ground. BLAG!!. I saw nothing but the color black.

In a few seconds, I woke up in the exact place where I fell. Slowly stood up from the exact position of how my body was. It felt like I was in deep sleep for 2 or 3 weeks. Didn't feel hungry but I did stretch my neck for I felt the strain.

As I tried to work my way out of the warehouse, I noticed some pieces of folded paper on the floor around me. And some of these had my name on it. Picked up the one on my left, I opened the paper to see what seemed to be a letter for me. Read the short note and what caught my attention was the line: "Why did you have to take your life?" Wow that woke my reflexes up I gathered all the other papers/letters which were scattered around.

Then suddenly I woke up from this dream. This time I REALLY WOKE UP. Would I call it a dream? It's still dark outside, I checked the clock beside my bed which read 2:46 AM. Then I tried to go back to sleep as I wanted to check out all the letters that I picked up in that dream.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to sleep anymore. =(


Blogger R.O.S.E. said...

yikes, scary! try drinking at least one glass of water before sleeping to avoid having bad dreams...

January 23, 2008 9:04 AM  

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