Monday, October 15, 2007

Domo Arigato Mr. Robot

Oah Yeah! Raw food will make good products for the toilet. These were my dinner and breakfast the next day.

Traditional food meets Innovative disposal equipment. Oah Yeah!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

I Died Last Night

Last night I died. I was inside an abandoned warehouse on an elevated platform which seemed to be five floors high. It seemed like it was that high. Maybe I was in a hangar? Anyway, with a heavy heart, I jumped off towards the bottom with my chest, ahead of all the other parts of my body, ready to kiss the ground. BLAG!!. I saw nothing but the color black.

In a few seconds, I woke up in the exact place where I fell. Slowly stood up from the exact position of how my body was. It felt like I was in deep sleep for 2 or 3 weeks. Didn't feel hungry but I did stretch my neck for I felt the strain.

As I tried to work my way out of the warehouse, I noticed some pieces of folded paper on the floor around me. And some of these had my name on it. Picked up the one on my left, I opened the paper to see what seemed to be a letter for me. Read the short note and what caught my attention was the line: "Why did you have to take your life?" Wow that woke my reflexes up I gathered all the other papers/letters which were scattered around.

Then suddenly I woke up from this dream. This time I REALLY WOKE UP. Would I call it a dream? It's still dark outside, I checked the clock beside my bed which read 2:46 AM. Then I tried to go back to sleep as I wanted to check out all the letters that I picked up in that dream.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to sleep anymore. =(

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Toy Convention at the Megamall

Where can you see a bunch of nerdy chubby fanboys which smells of "suka" (vinegar) all in one place all at the same time? Yep, right here at the 6th Philippine Toy Convention held yesterday and today at the SM Megamall. I was there yesterday and here are some pictures to prove it:

With the up coming movie, "Transformers", dressing up as characters from the Transformers series was a favorite among the Cosplayers.

Have you seen life-size action figures? Well, they aren't really action figures; more like statues.

The event was so so. I was able to take home a couple of Macross gashapons and ignored the "Batman through the ages" boxed action figure set that was being sold very cheap which I know I will regret, someday. By the way, did I mention, proudly, that I attended the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Philippine Toy Convention years back? Anyway, I hope I don't sound like the "comic book collectoy guy" from the Simpsons but this Toy Convention was the worst ever!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chocolates and Fireworks

Spent the special day, February 14, here:

... Where the other New Year was celebrated!

Then, yesterday afternoon, the doctor took care of my left lower eyelid infection. A minor operation was performed. I guess that would count as fireworks. In Tagalog "Paputok". "Pinaputok ng doktor and kulite ko!" That was PAINFULLY PAINFUL!!!! All my left eye could see that whole afternoon was RED.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Crossing the Bridge

These pictures will tell the story of crossing an erie bridge... Alone... The sign says "Dinsmore Bridge". It's already foggy when I arrived here. So I continued to walk. But as I went past the sign, the visibility went further down.

Have you played the video game Silent Hill? I must've felt how the characters in the game felt when walking around town with this kind of atmosphere.

I shot another picture as I walked. It was a long bridge to cross so this might be the last shot with visible land. Continuing to cross the bridge, the fog kept coming in.

And it feels like I've been crossing for hours. Sure I can see the vague silhouette of the things at the other end of the bridge. But it seems like they were running away from me.

Until finally, reaching the other side, after a gasp of air, I found myself in a forrest. I didn't try to look back. I just took this last shot with the camera:

Took it without looking back.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Heavy Metal

Four days ago, on my way to work, I saw this accident. I was driving at the service road of South Luzon Expressway. Hope no one got hurt. Try to figure out why the title of this post is "Heavy Metal".

Anyway, I had a chance to take cool pictures of airplanes the other day and yesterday. The last one's taken upclose.

"Heavy Metal" sounds good for a title thats why I chose it.