Monday, July 10, 2006

My Baby's First Bath

Excitement was contained by taking pictures of my baby. Giving her a general cleaning from cleaning up her body and metal hardware with their respective polish. Treated her fingerboard with lemon oil. Re-stringed (or re-strung?) her whole set. And adjusted her tremolo spring since I'm using a different brand of guitar strings but same gauge. She's a good girl, I didn't have to set her intonation. I'll have to see sooner if she has fret buzz though.

Finally, I gave her a name. Christina. Because of her cross inlay. It doesn't make any sense, I know... =)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Rivermay at the Bistro

Last night was a cool night at the 70's Bistro. With friends, I waited IMPATIENTLY as plenty of other bands played before Rivermaya. Yep, They are the main event, although the venue is also celebrating She's birthday. Which is probably the reason why there were plenty of guest bands like Itchy Worms and Mojo Fly.

I didn't take any of the pictures in this particular post. And I'm not saying that they would've been better if I took them myself. It's really just too dark. That's why we're experimenting with the "flashlight" function of my phone. Anyway, I had the opportunity to mess with the mixer during intermissions, feeling pro. Hehe.

Joining the gang's Bonnie, who I've been coaching on how to be a man. And Luigi, who sponsored most of the pictures for this post. Thanks! So what have I learn in last nights affair?... This is what I've learned and it would sound like this: "Slide tapping sounds better in live gigs than in the recording studios".

Monday, July 03, 2006

For Macross Fans

Check out this video:

Mari Iijima sings theme song of the 1984 animated movie of "Macross: Do You Remember, Love?". Oah yeah! They say 80's fashion is the worst but I can't say the same about the music.

Here is another video of Mari:
(click me). Don't let the videos play at the same time. Enjoy!