Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Culver to Hollywood to Newport to San Fernando

Last Friday, a colleague, Sherwin, and his sister, Kristine, picked me up from the hotel to go out and see Hollywood in the afternoon and evening. Took the 405 but made a wrong turn that we ended up in the coast highway reaching Malibu. It was a leisure ride seeing the sites and all. Here are my "tour guides":

We then turned back and before having dinner, we went to a couple of music stores to get something for my guitars (advertised above). Hehehe.

And so after, we walked around. Hollywood looked so much better at night. On a friday evening yet!

Pictured behind us is the Musician's Institute, where I wanted to study when I was in highschool. *grin* It was a tiring day we had to sleep early...

... Because we're going south to Newport Beach the next day to buy tons of crabs for the house warming celebration of their Aunt up north in San Fernando Valley. The drive to the beach was long it took around an hour and a half from Culver City.

But then it was worth it because of the experience and view. After, we went straight to the valley which was a longer drive. Whew. =)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hard Guitar Playing or Stupidity

I was browsing through my pictures when I saw these:

Read the title of this post and think... It's pretty much a give away question...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Still Summer in Sydney

Arrived Sydney last Sunday morning. So a couple of friends picked me up for lunch. We went to this yum cha kind of place. Waiters walk around the restaurant each holding different food or dish and if we see something we like to eat, we just call the waiter. I had a chance to try the "fried ice cream" for the first time which was the highlight of the meal.

A little later, taking advantage of a Sunday afternoon, we went to some sailing clubs right by the river connecting to Botany Bay. Just enjoying the view and weather. Earlier that day was warm but in the late afternoon it became cool as the winds coming from the south rushed in.

Come Monday, I spent the morning in the city. Took the train going to Central Station then walked to Town Hall along Pitt Street where I noticed this music store:

Lovely as I recalled. Then I passed by my favorite bookstore, Kinokuniya in George Street. And was able to pick up a Macross art book. Hahaha!.... That evening, I've decide to eat the Aussie pizza just across the street from where I stayed. Cooked in wood fire, the flavor is called the Aussie because it had egg and bacon as toppings. Hmmm...

The Third day, Tuesday, I took the 20-minute walk to Rockdale Plaza from where I was staying just to have a sandwhich. It was good excercise just like the previous day. Half way back to the hotel, this dog walked beside me as if I'm its owner. I was getting worried that it might follow me all the way to the hotel...