Saturday, October 29, 2005

Brought my Baby to the Clinic

Finally, I'm able to post the picture.

On this day I brought home my guitar, Kelly, an Ibanez RG760, out of Roadtone Guitars in Manila. I had the volume and tone pots replaced as they have been stuck-up for ages. Here's Jun Castro, the luthier, with my baby -good as new.

To guitar players out there, Roadtone Guitars conditions your guitar, old or new. From string action to intonation to circuitry. You may visit the website:

Monday, October 17, 2005

24 Hours in Bohol

I was stationed in Mactan Cebu last weekend with two days off. It's a good thing my neighbor, Nikki, went to Bohol with her highschool friends on those days and so I decided to crash their little party. I took the two-hour ferry ride to Tagbilaran which was an adventure on its own. I saw flying fishes for the first time! The locals call it Barugnoy or Bangsi. Also, the ride was enjoyed because you get a refreshing view of the houses and resorts by the sea.

At around 3:15pm last Friday, I arrived in Tagbilaran. And, without delay, I looked for a ride going to the island of Panglao to meet up with Taja (picking-up sea shells), Nikki and Chris, (taking photographs). I took a few myself and this is the best I could make:

Later that evening we hung-out at a bar not so far away from where we're checked-in. Nothing special except that it was right beside the beach. And so the next morning, I woke up early to prepare for the real adventure. I took this one while waiting for the group (Left). First stop of the tour, the Hinagdanan Cave. The pictures aren't that good because it was a bit dark inside. Inside are a few ancient drawings; this one is the goddess of fertility which looks like it had Indian influence in style.

Next is the the monument of the Sikatuna-Legazpi Blood Compact. Then the Baclayon Church and Museum. Cameras aren't allow inside the museum that's why I forgot to, at least, have my picture taken in front of the church. It would have been a great addtion to my collection of "Traditional photograph of me standing by the Churches and Cathedrals". Hahaha!

After that, was the Bangka Ride in the Loboc river, which I enjoyed the most. I'll let the pictures tell you why I think it was the highlight of this getaway...

How can I say that I've been to Bohol if I haven't seen the Philippine Tarsier? This is one of the stops we had on the bangka. The other was on the cold spring which I failed to shoot. These animals are really small; about the size of my fist. I had a chance to feed them and I was amazed by the way they eat and chew their meals. Cute and Sleepy (center picture).

After that we had lunch by the river. Then off to the popular Chocolate Hills. But unfortunately, it started to rain when we got there. We couldn't stay long to, at least, let the rain go away, because I need to catch my ferry back to Cebu. I'm really sorry, guys!... So that would be one of the reasons for me to go back.

At around 3:15pm, last Saturday, I was dropped at the Port of Tagbilaran. Just in time! I really need to be back in Mactan for work the next day. Whew... Now that's 24 Hours in Bohol.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Rich and Creamy

Going out of and going back to Manila this week were luscious... So enough of those sad depressing moments...

I had plenty of sweets. Chocolates, not the commercial snack bars and candies you see in the supermarket. Oh so fine creamy textured. I also had deserts. A plate of creme brulee and tiramisu all in one sitting. Would have been perfect if they were joined in by some cheesecake. Hahaha!

Anyway, on the way to foggy Vancouver, I shot this picture using,again, my cellphone. I still haven't bought batteries for the camera...

This was about a thousand feet above overtaking us.