Sunday, December 10, 2006

Big Meal

I missed the DLSZ '96 batch reunion last night due to typhoon Utor (Seniang). The consolation for being stranded was this BIG meal.

I finished all of these in one sitting. Topped by the "chocolate bread" for desert (partly shown upper left).

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Winter Wonderland

Vancouver has already started snowing. A month too early according to the locals. Got really excited as this' the first time that I have seen real snow in my entire life!

The center picture was the view from my room (on the 8th floor). Notice the thick snow; see the foot prints. After the first day, I decided to walk to the small shop that I go to whenever I'm around. On the way I saw this maple leaf fit for taking its picture. The weather's cool. Good for a walk but halfway through the the shop, I've decided to go back since the snow was just too thick!

This morning I received a couple of pictures from my friend Geevy. Btw, I was able to go to the shop because he came to pick me up that time.

Above is a picture of his son, Giancey, with the Airbus A380 on the background. Cool!